University of Murcia introduced a scientific poster based on the Western Mediterranean case study with the title of Optimization of commercial copper antifouling commonly used in aquaculture on the III. Congress for Nature Biodiversity and Conservation (Congreso Biodiversidad y Conservación de la Naturaleza). The principal goal of the case study is to provide data for the validation of modeling work executed in TAPAS together with the sampling campaigns include in-situ measurements of a wide variety of physical, chemical and biological parameters in the environment encircling fish farms in the Fish Farming Zone of San Pedro del Pinatar. Currently, the conservation of nature is an issue that is becoming a major player in society due to the serious climatic and environmental problems that our planet is facing. This interest is materializing in a series of initiatives from various fields such as research, scientific dissemination or environmental education and whose purpose has been and is to protect and conserve biodiversity. Read more: