TAPAS project will be present at the Aqua18 event in Montpellier, France. Project coordinator, Trevor Telfer (University of Stirling), will be a panel member at the EU session of the Food and Value Creation from the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, 26th between 10:30 – 17.30 in room Joffre 5. You can learn more about our Maltese case study on the nutrient retention of fish farm effluent and site assessment for the feasibility of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) presented by Tamas Bardocz (AquaBiotech Group) at 15:50 on Monday, 27th in room Antigone 3. Visit our TAPAS workshop organised for our new and flexible approaches to Aquaculture Licensing at 14:00 on Tuesday, 28th in room Joffre 4. TAPAS tools, models and decision support systems for policy and governance will be presented by Trevor Telfer at 11:30 on Wednesday 29th in room Sully 3, while Arnaldo Marín (University of Murcia) will introduce biofilms as tool to evaluate organic and chemical dispersion from marine fish farms on the same day at 12:10 in room Barthez. Don’t miss out on our poster presentations with the topics of optimization of commercial copper antifouling commonly used in aquaculture by University of Murcia and our new and flexible approaches to aquaculture licensing by(Marine Institute Ireland at the boards of 186 and 224.