Scientific Publications

Evaluation of dried macrophytes as an alternative diet for the rearing of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816)

Optimising microalgae diets in sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus larviculture to promote aquaculture diversification

Optimizing metamorphosis in Paracentrotus lividus aquaculture using alternative macroalgae species to Corallina sp.

Use of geographic information systems for aquaculture and recommendations for development of spatial tools

TAPAS - Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability - Horizon2020;jsessionid=29vn8gmkbak4.x-ic-live-02

Use of models for the environmental risk assessment of veterinary medicines in European aquaculture:current situation and future perspectives

Assessment of atmospheric correction algorithms for the Sentinel-2A MultiSpectral Imager over coastal and inland waters

Sensitivity of the simulated Oxygen Minimum Zone to biogeochemical processes at an oligotrophic site in the Arabian Sea

Assimilation of ocean-colour plankton functional types to improve marine ecosystem simulations

Variability of adjacency effects in sky reflectance measurements

Validation of a spectral correction procedure for sun and sky reflections in above-water reflectance measurements

Shellfish Aquaculture from Space: Potential of Sentinel2 to Monitor Tide-Driven Changes in Turbidity, Chlorophyll Concentration and Oyster Physiological Response at the Scale of an Oyster Farm