Contact: Hanne Kaas

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +45 4516 9200

The team developed and tested the TAPAS toolbox. The innovative methodologies and components emerging from TAPAS can support transparent development and implementation of freshwater, coastal and marine spatial planning and enable less costly and more efficient licensing by backing up efficient decision-making in as well the aquaculture industries as the regulatory bodies granting permissions. The toolbox has two key objectives; one is to serve as a repository for the models, tools and methods and the other is to provide a flexible TAPAS Decision Support System (TAPAS-smart). TAPAS-smart shall support synthetisation and weighting of data emerging from environmental, economic and societal tools/repositories. The following tasks were completed:

  1. Collating, refining and developing methods, guidelines and integrated tools to support best practice for aquaculture impact assessments in Europe
  2. Case-based examples of best practice using the sustainability tool selecting, analysing and weighting assessment results
  3. Incorporating feedback from decision-makers into the prototype tool design process to ensure the final tools are as useful as possible