Contact: Marnix Laanen

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +31 317 210004

TAPAS focused on improving existing and developing new integrated operational tools for the timely and cost-efficient monitoring of aquaculture production. The project evaluated in situ observation technologies for physical, ecological and chemical water quality measurements including novel biosensors and optical sensors. Methods also were developed and implemented for using the Copernicus Sentinel-2 MSI for monitoring of water quality impacts of aquaculture in inland and near-coastal areas, that are too small for monitoring with dedicated water quality satellite sensors such as MODIS or Sentinel-3 OLCI. The following tasks were completed:

Planned tasks to achieve

  1. Evaluating of new in situ observation as well as monitoring the integrity of the cage material
  2. Establishing methods for quality control of the large data streams produced by the automated measurement stations
  3. Developing methods to detect emerging problems with water quality
  4. Developing methods for using Copernicus Sentinel-2 MSI
  5. Made inventory of available in-situ datasets collected in decades of regulatory monitoring of fish farms, and field campaigns