Far Field Models – WP6

Contact: Stefano Ciavatta

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 1752 633100

TAPAS supported the assessment and planning of sustainable aquaculture by producing and processing information at the large spatial scale of regional marine ecosystems. The project improved existing approaches to combine Earth Observation (EO) and modeling. The regional biogeochemical models of this WP (representing the Mediterranean Sea, North West European Shelf, North Atlantic, and Baltic Sea) produced decadal simulations of current and future scenarios of the ecosystem status, by using or even assimilating EO data. Post-processing of integrated EO and model outputs can provide environmental indicators for operational use. These indicators feed into decision support systems, leading to improved cost-efficiency of management practices. The following tasks were completed:

  1. Improving existing approaches to combine Earth Observation and modelling
  2. Developing additional indicators for operational use
  3. Provide relevant far field models and EO data to the other WPs