Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an independent, impartial provider of innovative and timely fundamental, strategic and applied research from inland waters to the open ocean. PML has world-class research capacity in global Earth Observation, ecosystem modeling, and marine ecosystem functioning. Its core research program contributes to the issues of climate change, marine pollution, and sustainability. In TAPAS, PML contributes large and fine scale modeling of the marine environment as well as optical remote sensing, to characterize current and future capacity and risks for a growing aquaculture sector. PML modeling contributions in TAPAS will include regional models of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, FVCOM-Shellsim coupling, and deriving innovative regional-scale aquaculture sustainability indicators, risk and growth mapping. This work will lead to estimates of aquaculture carrying capacity potential and the cumulative environmental impacts arising from multiple stressors. PML leads WP6 (Far-field Modelling) and contributes to fine-scale modeling tasks in WPs 3-5. PML Earth Observation in TAPAS focusses on the validation of EO products relevant to aquaculture sites in near-shore, in-shore, and inland waters, in WPs6-7. PML will process Sentinel2/3 data in and develop and test algorithms for these next generation moderate and high spatial resolution images. In situ validation of EO products is carried out during (weekly) visits to the Western Channel Observatory and on the annual Atlantic Meridian Transect cruise.