IMDEA Water is a research institute focused on water management issues and directed towards optimizing public and private decision-making processes. The water issues are related with urban and industrial wastewater treatments, economic and institutional analysis, reclaimed water reuse, microcontaminants, ecotoxicology, membrane technology, water and energy, cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins, groundwater ecology, climate change and hydraulic heritage. The institute is strongly committed to the establishment of collaboration with all the stakeholders involved in the water sector, with the aim to enable effective research and knowledge transfer in the field of water resources. Within the TAPAS project, IMDEA Water mainly participates in WP3 (Environmental risk assessment of potentially toxic substances). IMDEA Water is involved in the evaluation and development of models for the risk assessment of aquaculture contaminants (i.e., metals, antimicrobials, antiparasitic drugs), the revision and improvement of environmental quality standards for potentially toxic substances, and the evaluation and validation of modelling tools and principles trough the participation in several freshwater and marine case studies.