The AquaBioTech Group (ABTG) is an independent aquaculture, fisheries, environmental testing/research, consulting, development, and training company established in 1996 with over 50 full and part-time staff from various countries and a broad range of expertise. The ABTG operates globally with clients and projects in over fifty countries and has its own independent, biosecure and fully licensed wet laboratories and aquaculture research and training facilities that are based in Malta, known as ABT Innovia. This unit has a strong background in commercial research for aquaculture companies and has been involved in a number of EU research projects in different areas.
ABT leads WP9 on dissemination and outreach activities and will also participate in other WPs. As a responsible partner for central Mediterranean aquaculture case study carries out experiments. ABT’s role is also essential to provide up to date information about the industry and participate in tasks aimed to survey industry needs. Being a consultancy company, ABT will help to implement a very effective dissemination and outreach project element, ensuring the uptake of project results by the industry.