Everyone starts at zero, this was the main message of this year’s Science in the City 2018 festival last Friday in Valletta, Malta. The programs were highlighting the importance of gaining knowledge on a creative and fun way. The event also connected to the European Year of Cultural Heritage and Valletta’s European Capital of Culture celebrations with the team of Science is Culture. TAPAS project has been presented by the AquaBioTech Group to show how ROVs can help illustrate the health of our seas, essentially Malta’s culture in the sea. The geography of the Maltese islands heavily impacts the occurrence of marine litter and subsequently, our everyday life on Malta is influenced by the sea. Marine science is the future of the preservation of Malta’s coastlines, which is currently being affected by the presence of marine litter, which is what we want to show to our audience. The AquaBioTech Group participants reiterated the importance of sustainable coastal practices, including environmentally aware aquaculture practices and monitoring methods.