AquaFarm, is a new conference and exhibition event dedicated to the technologies, products and best practices of sustainable production of fish, held on 26 and 27 January 2017 at the Exhibition Center of Pordenone, Italy.

The event was aimed at a professional audience, and over two days it presented issues in Mediterranean aquaculture and sustainable fisheries, algae cultivation and vegetable crops that rely on hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic techniques, known as indoor & vertical farming systems.

The Event was addressed to the sector operators in the Mediterranean Sea Basin: from Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Balkan Area to Malta, Turkey, Spain, and Portugal.

The event discussed a number of topical themes including the instruments that Europe offers in order to ensure food and active ingredients for the health and well-being of the population in an environmentally friendly manner even in the face of higher living standards.

The AquaFarm show was a great opportunity to introduce TAPAS project in Italy and present the work being performed so far. Tapas project contributed to the scientific program of the conference with a poster presentation while a number of one to one meetings were held on the side. George Mantas from AquaBioTech Group who represented the Tapas project at the event had the chance to introduce the project planned and recent activities to Italian stakeholders in one to one meetings. Among others Pier Antonio Salvador the President of the Italian Fish Farmers Association API. The Italian aquaculture industry has a great interest in the TAPAS project, because the national aquaculture strategy includes an ambitious plan to raise aquaculture production from 140,879 tonnes in 2013 to 206,854 tonnes in 2025 (32% increase). To achieve this goal 221,134,830.00 EUR was allocated from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for fostering environmentally sustainable, resource efficient, innovative, competitive and knowledge based aquaculture.