Near-field models for regulation and site selection – WP5

Contact: Lynne Falconer


Telephone: +44 1786 467878

The project evaluates near-field models for regulation and site selection of aquaculture, using a series of existing, adapted and newly developed models. TAPAS will illustrate the most appropriate near-field modeling procedures for different types of marine and freshwater aquaculture throughout Europe. The model will focus on the use and/or release of nutrients, carrying capacity and site selection for a range of fish and shellfish species. A range of models will be included in this work from simple to complex and will also include predictive tools presently used for regulation and those with potential for use. Furthermore, there will also be an evaluation of modeling approaches that could be used for emerging production systems such as Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA).

Planned tasks to achieve

  1. Illustrating the most appropriate near field modelling procedures for marine and freshwater aquaculture sustainability throughout the EU
  2. Evaluating capabilities of near-field models for the purposes of aquaculture development and regulation in the EU in different environments and for different culture organisms
  3. Developing integrated site selection models using GIS – through integration of models into a “water-body scale” spatial systems

Completed tasks until 18th Month

  1. Model validation has already commenced for some of the models
  2. Critical evaluation and suggestion of models deliverable has been submitted