Project management – WP1

Contact: Trevor Telfer


Telephone: +44 1786 467878

The TAPAS Project management has been designed to promote and ensure full linkage between the project components to meet the integrated nature of the proposed outcomes from an early stage. This will be achieved through rigorous monitoring of workflow progression, meetings of the Project Management Group of the Workpackage leaders and project principals, supplemented by virtual meetings at intermediate intervals. Deliverables, data and other workpackage outcomes will be disseminated within the project through a secure common repository to which project partners and the Advisory Board will have access.Planned tasks to achieve

  1. Project control and day to day management
  2. Organisation of meetings & minutes
  3. Establishment of the Advisory Board
  4. Integration of partial reports into progress reports and final report

Completed tasks until 18th Month

  1. Each partner has one member on the TAPAS Management Board and there have been two Management Board Meetings in this period
  2. There have been three face-to-face meetings organised by UOS (inception meeting, steering group/case study leader meeting, first annual meeting)
  3. The Advisory Board was established within one month of the start of the project.
  4. Each WP leader has compiled task, contributions and progress information for their WPs