Aquaculture Sustainability Toolbox – WP8

Work Package 8 will develop and test the TAPAS toolbox. The innovative methodologies and components emerging from TAPAS will support transparent development and implementation of freshwater, coastal and marine spatial planning and enable less costly and more efficient licensing by backing up efficient decision-making in as well the aquaculture industries as the regulatory bodies granting permissions. The toolbox has two key objectives; one is to serve as a repository for the models, tools and methods developed in the technical work packages (WP3-WP6) and the other to provide a flexible TAPAS Decision Support System (TAPAS-smart). TAPAS-smart shall support synthetisation and weighting of data emerging from environmental, economic and societal tools/repositories. Applicability of tools from other projects such as AQUA-USERS and AQUASPACE will be considered for inclusion by TAPAS where feasible. Experienced stakeholders will have mandatory involvement in the development and testing of the toolbox to pave the way for post-project implementation and continuity. Often tradition, social acceptance and level of environmental concerns differ between countries and regions: thus, flexibility is needed to ensure the Toolbox is applicable to all areas and aquaculture sub-sectors.