Far Field Models – WP6

WP 6 supports the assessment and planning of sustainable aquaculture by producing and processing information at the large spatial scale of regional marine ecosystems. The WP improves existing approaches to combine Earth Observation (EO) and modeling. EO water quality products at the course (4 km), reduced (1-km) and full (300-m) resolution will be made available for ecological baseline studies, trend analyses, and integration with models. The regional biogeochemical models of this WP (representing the Mediterranean Sea, North West European Shelf, North Atlantic, and Baltic Sea) will produce decadal simulations of current and future scenarios of the ecosystem status, by using or even assimilating EO data. Post-processing of integrated EO and model outputs will provide environmental indicators for operational use. These indicators feed into decision support systems, leading to improved cost-efficiency of management practices.

The WP will also provide inputs on boundary conditions and productive capacity to near-field modeling (WP5) and environmental impact assessment (WP3) and links closely to validation and operationalization of Monitoring and Forecasting tools (WP7). Novel combined EO-Model products are developed for pan-European assessment of marine carrying capacity of the ecosystems at broad geographic scales, producing corresponding risk maps and forecasting the potential for regional growth for the sustainability toolbox (WP8).